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Historic Brick Meets Delicious Bones

At Brick & Bones, fried chicken is our specialty -- and, here, we do it our güey (pronounced “way” and used in Mexican Spanish similarly to how "dude" works in American English). In short, we’re not winging it when it comes to our birds. Whether we’re serving it in buckets, as tenders or with waffles, our chicken is at once remarkably crisp and impossibly juicy. And that’s just the start: From lush salads to savory deviled eggs, we’ve got something for anyone who’s feeling peckish. Pair that with our seasonal, hand-crafted cocktail menu featuring fresh, hand-squeezed ingredients, and you're not going to want to leave. Good thing we're open till 2am. Hey, we don't cluck around.


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We take reservations for lunch and dinner. To make a reservation, please select the date and time and fill in your contact information in the designated section or call us at (027) 8338 145 between 10 am - 6 pm.

We do not book the bar area, we leave this for walk-in guests.